Amaroo Gardens & Lodge

Amaroo Gardens & Lodge is the perfect place for private parties, weddings and receptions. There are also several walking trails on the grounds to secluded picnic areas for friends, family and alike.section divider

The gardens main feature is the man-made lake and its surrounding plant-life. This has become home to various wildlife, including ducks and other aquatic birds.

If you stay the night you may hear the call of the cockatoo and other birds in the distance, giving you a real sense of being surrounded by nature.section divider

The lodge itself features numerous original artworks and antique furnishings. This includes many of the beams, doors and windows, which were sourced from antique stores and salvage yards. A collection of rustic tools is also held in a small 'museum' open to the public.

Guided tours of the gardens & lodge are available by arrangement.


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